Using Aichi University Library

Library Hours

Please see the Schedule  for hours and closures.
* Ad hoc operating days and closures are posted on the bulletin board.
* The library will close if official warnings are issued regarding storm wind (rain) and earthquakes.

Entering/Exiting the Library

To enter and exit the library, you need your student ID card, faculty ID card or library card.
Swipe your ID card at the gate to enter or exit.
If you attempt to take material out of the library that hasn't been checked out, the buzzer at the exit will sound and the gate will lock.
Graduates of this university and off campus users (members of the general public, other universities' students) must register to use the library. For details, please refer to Off Campus Users.
* For the time being, members of the general public may only use the Toyohashi Campus Library.


Books and magazines in the library's collection can either be searched for using the online search system or the catalog list.

[Online Search System (ALIS-OPAC)]
Searches can be made for all Japanese books, Western books (some exceptions) and Chinese books received 1987 and later.
The online search system can be used anywhere with an internet connection.

Borrowing and Renewing

Undergraduates/Junior college students: 20 materials/15 days
Postgraduates students: 30 materials/2 months
Other: 5 materials/15 days
* There are procedures which must be followed to borrow materials. Please present your card (student ID/faculty ID or library card) and carry out the necessary procedures for borrowing.
Materials can also be borrowed at the self-checkout machines.
* You cannot borrow if you have overdue materials.
* Please observe the borrowing terms so as not to inconvenience other users.
* Materials may be renewed only if they are not requested (reserved) by another user.
Please renew materials at the counter.
You can use the self-checkout machines to extend the loan period.


Please carry out the procedures for returning materials at the counter. These procedures can also be performed at the self-checkout machines. Aichi University students can return books to any of the 2 campus libraries.
* Return procedures cannot be performed at self-checkout machines at the Nagoya campus library. Please drop your materials into the after-hours return chute.

Getting Materials from Other Libraries

Please apply at the counter. Materials take 2 or 3 days to arrive.

Reservations (Applicable to Aichi University students and faculty)

You can reserve the material of your choice if it is currently on loan.
Please consult with the counter if the material you are requesting is on loan for a prolonged period of time. The user will be sent notification to return the material promptly.


Material in the library is arranged by call numbers based on Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC).
Make sure to return any material you have taken from the shelf to its original location.

Photocopying Library Material

You may photocopy library materials.(However this is limited to the scope of the Copyright Act and other related laws)
After filling out the available material photocopying application form, take it to the Reference Counter together with the photocopy.
* The photocopying of material other than library material is not permitted. 
Microfilm reader /printers are available at the Nagoya and Toyohashi campus libraries. The cost is 10 yen per page.

Reference Counter (Applicable to Aichi University students and faculty)

The Reference Counter provides information on material for study and research, as well as how to search for material.
If the material you are seeking is not in the library, you can request to borrow it from other universities' libraries or the National Diet Library.
Also, the Reference Counter issues letters of introduction if you wish to use another university's libraries.

Purchase Requests (Applicable to Aichi University students and faculty)

You can request the purchase of material not available at the libraries.
Fill out the purchase application form and submit it at the counter.
You will be notified if your request for purchase has been accepted on the library's designated bulletin board, etc. You will also be informed via this bulletin board when the material is available for borrowing.

Databases (Applicable to Aichi University students and faculty)

There are various databases available.
See here for details.


Opening Hours

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2023/03/21(Tue) Vernal Equinox Day
名古屋図書館  Closed
豊橋図書館  Closed

PC / Personal booth (Nagoya campus library)


Access from Cellular Phone

Web-OPAC for the cellular phone can be used according to QR code here!!